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If you’re perusing the internet looking for weight loss tips and diet advice, it’s important to know that many of the diet tips out there are actually misinformation. If you’re looking to learn how to lose weight fast there are plenty of folks out there who will want to mislead you to make a buck. Let’s look at some of the worst nutrition mistakes and fat loss tips that are commonly touted as the best ways for how to build muscle and lose body fat.

One of the worst pieces of nutrition advice out there is the idea that fat makes you fat and that to lose body fat you want to avoid eating fat. This is patently wrong. Healthy fats are an important portion of the diet. It’s true that if you’re looking to lose weight fast, and you eat too many fats, it may hinder your progress. Fats are more calorically dense than proteins and carbohydrates which means smaller quantities can add up. But fats in and of themselves can’t keep you from weight loss. Stick with healthy fats in your diet plan and use them for cooking purposes and you should be able to achieve fat loss.

The second of the fat loss tips that is actually a total myth is that you shouldn’t eat after 6 pm. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what time of day you eat your calories, they are worth the same amount of energy, and timing won’t help or hinder your ability to lose weight. If you want to lose body fat it is more important what and how much you eat vs. when you eat it.

Another of the nutrition mistakes I commonly see is the belief commonly espoused by those looking to learn how to build muscle. There’s this idea out there that you can’t build muscle on a plant based diet or a vegan diet plan, and this simply isn’t true. Those that follow veganism know that there are plenty of ways to get protein, which is the building block for muscle, on a plant based diet. So if you are vegan or looking into a vegan diet plan, just know that you’ll need to focus your efforts on making sure that you’re getting enough protein while eating plant based, but that it’s absolutely possible to build muscle and lose body fat on a vegan diet.

The final misconception that many people have about how to build muscle and lose weight fast is that taking supplements is going to do the work for you and this definitely isn’t true. Supplements are just an added help, a small additional advantage for people that already have dialed in their nutrition plan and training routine. To build muscle and achieve fat loss, you need to follow the right nutrition and workout plan for weight loss and building muscle.

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1) Fat makes you fat
2) Don’t eat after 6 pm
3) Can’t build muscle on a plant based diet
4) Supplements are going to get me ripped



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