When heading to the gym, I usually opt for full-body workouts because they’re so damn efficient. But in the day before to my favourite cycling class, I avoid working my legs; I want them to feel fresh and ready to push big gears and pedal fast. Since I’m avoiding taxing my lower body, I focus, instead, on my abs and arms. This is one of my favourite workouts in my current rotation.

To keep the workout streamlined, I concentrate each circuit in a specific area of the gym. After warming up, I start with the cable pulley machine, rotate to a bench with some dumbbells, and then end on the mat. This way, I don’t have to worry about losing my equipment. You guys, my gym is so crazy in January; you have to stake a claim. I don’t mind sharing (I will definitely let anyone rotate in), but I like to get my workouts done and head to the steam room to add a bit of luxury to my day. This workout, including warmup and cooldown, takes just under 40 minutes.

Abs and Arms Workout

Warm up with three to five minutes of light cardio followed by dynamic stretching. Then perform the recommended reps for each move in the three-exercise circuit, taking a minute break between sets. Repeat the first two circuits three times, and perform the last circuit twice. Cool down with three to five minutes of stretching.

Circuit One: Cable Pulley
Repeat: three times

  • Wood chop: 10 reps, each side
  • Palloff press: 10 reps each side
  • Rope pullover: 15 reps

    Circuit Two: Dumbbells and Bench
    Repeat: three times

  • Chest press: 10 reps
  • One arm row: 8 reps
  • Arm triangle: 5 each direction
  • Circuit Three: Mat Work
    Repeat: two times

  • Elbow plank with knee tap: 30 taps
  • Seated Russian twist with dumbbell: 15 reps (30 rotations)
  • Plank with shoulder tap: 20 reps
  • Keep scrolling to read more about each exercise, including recommended weights.

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