Low Budget Fat Loss Diet Plan for Students (Eggs version) : https://youtu.be/Bp9zenrXgY8

Low Budget Muscle Building Diet Plan for Students : https://youtu.be/_eeM1Awc1TE

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So here is the FREE Vegetarian fat loss diet plan for students. I had already made videos on muscle building diet for students and hostelers and also the fat loss diet plan for students. Those versions consisted of Eggs and many of guys requested for a complete vegetarian meal plan. So here it is. This is a complete Indian fat loss plan with Indian fat loss foods. Most of these foods are high protein vegetarian foods. In this video you will understand exactly how to complete your protein needs on a vegetarian diet.

You can modify the ingredients or foods according to your own convenience and budget. This cheap fat loss diet plan is for anyone who wants to lose fat without losing muscle.

By Abhinav Mahajan

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